The first night I went to the Garibaldi Tavern was perhaps a Friday evening… Although, unfortunately, it wasn’t at night – a blessed time change – nor was it the first time that I was going there.

I was already there the same day the inauguration, which went relatively unnoticed because it was a weekday and they had almost no food to offer. I drank a beer, looked at the view for a bit and, as they didn’t put a lid on me, I got out of there quickly.

Location and airs of grandeur

The premises are located on Ave María Street, in the central district of Lavapiés, in the center of Madrid. Around it grow shops selling vegan products, traditional tattoos, Pakistani bazaars, African product stores, etc., interspersed with the few traditional bars that survive and others that are more “chic” and modern.

Everything with the same “alternative air”aquaculture farm than that of Taberna Garibaldi, who wanted to distinguish himself from the others with a pseudo “kitch” and vindictive appearance. It is still a place located in a “cool neighborhood” where young people (and not so young) They pretend to be modern and anti-system by appearances.

No matter how hard he tried to describe the place, he could never find words as precise as those used by Henry Miller more than half a century ago: “The names of the slums were promising, but that was all that that could be said in their favor. . It was bohemian without bohemianism. The scoundrel atmosphere, the vice, the joy, the suffering… everything was fictitious“.

Even Chen, the owner of Bar Oliva (also known as “The Facha Chinese bar”) it’s a lot more “authentic”. Yes, it’s true that he has the face of Franco and Primo de Rivera everywhere, but also a photo of his mother, and at least he really serves a tapa to accompany the third of beer: ham and chips in a bag. And at Usera, and at a better price. Much more proletarian, without wanting tothat this whole “red bar” project put in place by former Vice President Iglesias.

Public and attendance

Yes this I burst. In front of me it unfolded the entire progressive affinity range: shaved heads with a mohawk, trendy people with long hair and raked earrings (like me), chic people with high-neck sweaters, young “otaku”, “queer” people, and a long etc. tribes which have been typically attributed to the left in recent decades.

However, what was most abundant was the third Age: lifelong left-wing gentlemen with midriffs and cool t-shirts who claimed whatever they wanted; old women with dull, gray hair, like a “lullaby” (the scouring pad used on floats), which they try to save with fancy-colored dye. The old communist guard who, after the Transition, was content to receive the pension and legalization (to feed the ducks).

They weren’t missing either the curious who came there to see “the new pigtail bar”. Among them, me who managed to convince my girlfriend to accompany me on the raid. She’s Ukrainian and of Jewish descent, so walking into a bar full of pro-Soviet people wasn’t exactly what she wanted most, but since I told her I was paying and she wasn’t stupid, she easily let herself be invited.

Decoration and space

Fortunately, the fact that it was so full hid it quite well. the soulless appearance of the place inside. Empty, it appears naked like the chassis of a car, decorated with a flag of palestine and some cheesy “soviet-pop” aesthetic posters by Rafaela Carrá or Pepa Flores.

Very bad taste and sticky, militant vulgarity. It does not happen to be an attempt in a bar for old menwith a European touchan imitation of a tavern from the provincial capital with an air of modernity.

It has two areas, one at the entrance with narrow tables for having a drink and another at the back, a room for sitting and eating.

A very big drawback of the Garibaldi tavern is the lack of ventilation. In, the smells drunk on tintorro and subversion (from the shower). We know the colony is lousy, but let’s see if Iglesias is encouraged and “deconstructs” the concept of deodorant, which is lacking.

The heat inside was unbearable.In fact, several people left citing the suffocation they felt. At least the dining room (which, by the way, is not covered) has a air conditioningwhich blows half bellows, but relieves somewhat.

Additionally, at the bottom there is a small space like recessed into the wall that they will soon start using as a stage for organize poetry and music open microphonesand project films and documentaries.

The bar, although small, is very well maintained.. In their favor I have to say that, despite the work overload, the employees were extremely friendly and professional to everyone. If they continue like this, they will have to hire someone else. to help them carry it.

They endure with infinite patience to the bores who gather around him to insistently ask “When is Pablo coming?”. The years go by and the guy continues to have appeal, but he is moving towards a “more mature” audience, like Sergio Dalma.

A drunk went almost behind the bar to drop off some coins from who knows what banana republic and launched one of his socialist proclamations with three beers too many: “Hey, this money, for the cause of Ché!. And it went so fast.

The letter

This time I wanted to go a day of agitation, on a Friday evening in Lavapiés, and I walked in after skipping some food to try the whole menu. I felt bad because I had been a little unfair to them the previous time, because themmany suppliers had failed.

To my not so pleasant surprise, They still haven’t found a solution to the lack of supply. Lots of pleasure in mastering the means of production, but little effective organization in distribution.

Cards with menu they simulate posters communist war propaganda, very flirtatious, but in very bad taste, in my opinion. Furthermore, they are unlaminated and printed on one sidealthough they do not have a sufficiently extensive gastronomic offer to satisfy both.

As there were no cards on all the tables, we played one for fifteen people. Concerning the planned economy, perhaps in the next five years there will be more luck… It will be the fault of the Yankee blockade.

All cocktails they play with the names of historical figures of the left, but we didn’t get to try any because, as they told me, there were so many people there that they didn’t have time to prepare them. I had to leave the already famous for another occasion “Durruti Dry Martini” for which, one day before opening, a group of offended anarchists vandalizedwith graffiti the exterior wall of the company.

They have beers from Malaga, from Barcelona, ​​from Donosti… but none from Madrid, because Madrid is also a very cool, very cool and very cool thing. And they are a temple of progressivism and resistance, and almost a retirement home.

Variety, but little stock, since we didn’t get to try many either, most of them were sold out. The same thing happened to us with the food, we couldn’t even taste half of the dishes. So dizzy with the politics of gestures, that in the end they almost feed us in sign language.

They offer Italian food, even though almost everything is pasta and pesto. Additionally, they make a yolk which, although I didn’t like it because I don’t usually eat fish, was cooked very well. The people who run the stoves are charming. It’s a shame they didn’t resolve the issues with the suppliers, as we would have wanted to try more preparations.

The “Garibaldi toast”although delicious, it was still a pesto, tomato and cheese bread. Good but I believe that a little expensive for 8 euros. It didn’t seem crazy to be in the center of the capital either, but with these prices Don’t call yourself a “tavern”which seems like a lot of effort to me.

One detail that caught our attention was that the name of the tacos varied between the physical menu and the online one. “Tacos al Pastor” or “tacos the revenge of Moctezuma”. Since these Podemos people are now talking about racial oppression and the Americas, I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed that at the last minute, for fear of offending some Aztecs.

Farewell and closing time

We wanted to stay until the last minute to see if it was true They closed the place playing the song “Bella Ciao”. Indeed, as midnight approached, we could hear – unfortunately, the audio equipment worked terribly – the hackneyed chant of the Italian partisans: the prophecy of banality was true.

Eventually, Not a bad place to have a drink.we can enter to browse in case you see an average celebrity from the Podemite area or for enjoy the sweet aroma of the mixed group and the decomposition. They were recently forced to close the establishment for a few days due to a breakdown in a bathroom pipe (even if some have gone to freshen up, perhaps).

It’s about starting the business the hard way. Hospitality is not political, here I catch you here I kill you or the short term is not worth it. That Pablo Iglesias thought everything could be done quickly and on the fly and no, For private business, you also have to plan things a little.

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