Carlos Alcaraz He is one of the young tennis players called to reign over tennis. And the popularizer Andy Roddick He believes he could even reach the level of the three best in history: Novak Djokovic, Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer. This is what he expressed in his podcast “Servid with Andy Roddick”.

“I think in our generation it was like players wanted to see Roger because he was able to do incredible things with the racket. Rafa, on the other hand, was like an impact of strength and physical displays. Novak is like a kind of fighter that you trap and from whom you cannot escape. Roger was magical, He punched you, making it look like he was playing video games.” said the American.

Even if he feels that he needs his space to continue to grow: “It’s a combination of all three, but it still finds its own style. I think his best version will come when he becomes a little more like Novak and stops trying to be spectacular all the time. That’s what Agassi told me in Las Vegas, he’s so spectacular his next step would be to stop being spectacular.”

“His next point of success must be to become more boring on the field, locking out rivals and not giving them as many rights” Roddick said.

The next challenge for the Murcian tennis player will be Monte Carlo to kick off the clay court season. Then two appointments will arrive at the house: the Conde de Godó of Barcelona and the Madrid Masters.

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